Our Story

We believe bags aren’t about carrying it all. They’re about balancing it all.

Designed for women like us, our bags and accessories combine fashion with clever function, so you can navigate every phase of your life with ease. 

All made ethically from cruelty-free, vegan materials.

Timeless, Thoughtful Design

It all began with a woman. Between her day job and motherhood, she had limited options for beautiful, everyday bags for all of her essentials. In 2015, she took matters into her own hands and founded Kuratist.

Now, we make bags and tech accessories that bring beauty and balance to your life. Our timeless aesthetic is combined with thoughtful features, like compartments and handles, to organize your life in more ways than one. 

Better than leather

We use 100% cruelty-free, vegan materials that are kind to animals and give Kuratist bags its signature look: minimalist designs made from a mix of materials that catch the eye and feel great in your hand. 

From natural fibers like cotton canvas to microfiber leather, our bags are designed to survive the everyday with you, resisting stains, scratches, and stress. 

Helping Women Thrive

We like full circle moments at Kuratist. Founded by a woman, we’re only motivated to invest back in women.

Our three ethical manufacturing partners in Thailand are all woman-owned, with women comprising 90% of their employees. They are trained in their craft, ensured a safe and fair trade environment, and above all, paid their worth. We believe that when women have opportunities to thrive, the rest of us also do.

Our Hamburg Heritage

In the beginning, we made small accessories by hand in Hamburg, Germany. Our brand has grown since, but our production remains small, placing quality and wearability first. 

Our smaller batches mean that our craftspeople take more time to make each product, so that you can use them for longer. To reduce our impact, we turn production waste into smaller items, giving way to the handy phone cases and pouches you’ve come to love. 

As we explore new shores in the US, our Hamburg heritage continues to inspire our elevated yet grounded style.